What Do We Do?
The first morning is spent unloading three houses worth of building supplies from the truck.

The material must also be sorted into categories.

Careful you don’t break the glass!
It all starts with carefully laying out the joists. Framing the walls. And the walls go up.

There’s more than one use for a hammer. The kids laying down the flooring. It’s beginning to look like a house!

Anyone can learn framing

A new house in the neighborhood. These kids work hard.

How about a hand?

They’re still working below, do you think it is safe to be out here? Many hands make swift work.
Not too far to go now. The long day today will be worth it when the house is given to the family. Boy, I hope so.
Are we done yet?

This really is more fun than a Mexico resort for Spring Break!?

The family will be really pleased.
.Just the finishing touches. Bought by the construction crew because of love for the family. Quilts and rugs made with love.
Brought all the way to Mexico .