Why We Serve

Living conditions prior to M2M

Is this where you would want to sleep?

M2M replaced it with this.

M2M replaced it with this.

To be a part of this kind of joy.

One very happy family

And one very happy team leader.

Congratulations to the team

Friendships are made in so many ways.

Worship around the morning campfire

Relaxing around the evening fire

We are called by God and give thanks

It’s wonderful to see the kids interact with the local youngsters

We go for times like this

Enduring friendships are also built on M2M

There is great joy to be had when working hard

Memories are made from this.

The kids remember this time together

Isn’t it amazing how relationships are built?

Isn’t it amazing how relationships are built?

Village women cooking lunch for the construction crew.

You just love loving on the orphanage children.

Imagine having to live like this.

Imagine having to sleep like this.

Imagine getting to give something like this.

Great joy for the givers and the receiver.

A chance at a new life.

This is our reward.

There is not a greater feeling than the gratitude received.

Two troupers of many trips and ever stronger friendship.

A little chance to give back makes a treasured gift.

Tasks shared, lasting friendships created.

To see the fruits of your labor, priceless

Welcome back, visiting a family a year later.

Nothing like a community back rub

Simple things keep drawing you back.