Who We Serve

Kids learn all aspects.

You don’t have to be an adult to do adult work

Younger and older working together

A good chance for kids to learn how to handle tools.

Even young kids can fit in (Conner Lind).

A great chance for families to work together

A chance to show dad you can work hard. Skills are acquired for many different tools.

What better way to build self esteem

If you want to learn it, now’s your chance.

01.  Everyone gets their chance.

01.  Didn’t know you could build a house, did you?

The teens don't get to have all the fun. Everyone can find something they can do Even the youngsters learn skills
Just another one of the 'kids'. There are great rewards in mentoring. Sealing the moment with a hammer tap.
Watching the young mentor the younger. You soon learn, the skills are not too hard She’ll soon be swinging it like a veteran

01.  Can I saw next?

Come-on guys, hand it up to me. It’s not done right if you aren’t wearing some of the paint.
You can work wherever your confidence allows Even in the rafters Handling that big drill like a pro.

As you learn pass it down.

You don’t have to be an old guy to be a mentor The old guys can still work hard.

It is thrilling to see the  young folks discover what they can accomplish

Side by side, young and older work together. When working here we’re all young