Who We Are

The El Faro Orphanage was started in 1968 with just one child, a little boy named Miguel. Sister Austin, the founder, went on to dedicate the next 40 years to the care and nurturing of the children who call El Faro their home.

In 2001, Mission to Mexico worked with Sister Austin to build a orphange with laundry facilities, dorm rooms, and room for the children and caregivers to live in improved conditions.

With the passing of Sister Austin in 2008, ensuring that her legacy of mission and care of the El Faro Orphanage children continues is essential.

A trust for the very real needs of the orphanage has been established to address its long-term stability. Receiving very little in the way of Mexican government help, El Faro Orphanage survives on prayers and donations. It is truly a month-to month operation. You can help these kids to have a loving, safe, Christian home in which they can thrive. Tax deductible donations can be made to:

Pentecostal Faith Mission
2705 Molalla Road
Woodburn, Oregon 97071

Orphanage Update-Summer 2008

In June, Miguel and his family moved back to their home to rest and also to allow Josephina to receive some much needed medical care. In their absence, Onseimo Perez and his wife Colleen(Onesimo is on the Mexican Board of Directors overseeing the orphanage)stepped in to care for the children. After a few weeks a christian couple from Victoria felt called by God to come to the orphanage and care for the children. Juan Carlos and his wife Elizabeth are the youth pastors in the christian church in Victoria. They have children of their own, and are currently living and functioning as the house parents at the orphanage.

Over the Summer, the children enjoyed many activities including Christian church camp, sleep over and pool party at Pastor Issac's house (Chair of the Mexican Board of Directors), attending church activities, and learning about responsibility through some house chores, like making their beds. The new parents, and children have gotten into a familiar house routine that has been work out well. The DEF (organization responsible for placing orphans in Mexico) has placed 3 new children since the summer. They seem to be adjusting well into the house family. The children are back in school now and their daily routine seems to be working well.

Since May of this year, the orphanage has been surviving on the financial gifts of donors like all of us, and a modest savings of Sister Austin's. The monthly bills at the orphanage have consistently been $2300.00 to $3300.00 per month. The giving has consistently been $1200.00 to $1500.00 per month since May. When this was combined with Sister's Social Security the orphanage was able to make it month to month. However, since her death, her Social Security no longer contributing, and the savings nearly depleted, I am becoming greatly concerned at how their daily needs will continue to be met. I know our God is a mighty and caring God, and I have to believe that with our help, he will continue to provide for this precious ministry in Mexico.

For questions orfurther information, please feel free to contact me by any of the means listed below and check out mission2mexico.org. God bless and take care.

Jon Koenig
President, Pentecostal Faith Mission
Board of Directors, Mission to Mexico
2705 Molalla Rd
Woodburn OR 97071
home: (503)981-7147
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